The T-STAMP-XR payload is a small, lightweight, Electro-Optical, Gyro-stabilized, airborne payload which is designed to be carried by a UAV or aircraft, for tactical "Over-the-Hill" reconnaissance in daylight and / or at night. The STAMP-XR payload, provides UAVs and aircraft with the image quality of large UAV payloads all in one miniature camera system.


7” (78 mm) x 11.8” (301mm) (H)


7.70 lbs (3.5 kg)


Voltage: 24-28 VDC

Power Consumption: Average: 40 W Max 95 W


PAL/NTSC/HD SDI/H.264 (optional)


High Performance Thermal Imaging Camera using a cooled 3-5u IR detector with continuous zoom lens 

High sensitivity color day camera with a continuous zoom lens

Local Automatic Gain Control

Video Enhancement

Picture in Picture (PIP)



Automatic Video Tracker

Laser Pointer

Laser Designation (NATO-Coded 1064nm) with See Spot Camera

Inertial Navigation Modes

Video Embedded Telemetry


Stabilized miniature payloads for surveillance and reconnaissance on a variety

  of small UAVs and small A/C

Gyro stabilized image independent of platform maneuvers and vibrations

Three (3) Gimbal System

Very light weight and low power consumption

High performance image resolution and quality

Variety of day and night sensors

Continuous Optical Zoom

Graphics superimposed on video

LOS data on video signal

Mounting flexibility:

   Horizontal- Nose Mount

   Vertical up or down

   Belly Mount

One LRU, One Plug

Low cost

Compatible for high landing G Shock

Proven in battle



Slip Ring

Integrated INS/GPS on Line of Sight for Point to Coordinate capability

Payload Operating Unit (POU) also available, for evaluation and maintenance