CONTROP-USA Inc.'s, iSky Family provides EO/IR sensor support for Group 4 UAS as well as fixed and rotary winged manned platforms.   Our iSky-20HD (SHAPO-HD) provides medium range support effective from 1.8-3.1 miles, while our iSky-50HD (DSP-HD) provides long range support effective from 4.3-6.2 miles.  Though the payloads differ in size, they both bring some similar optical and sensor options providing increased capabilities to the end-user. Common options for the iSky Family include:

  • A full suite of sensor options including Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder (ELRF), Laser Pointer, Laser Designator and SWIR lens

  • Thermal imaging with continuous zoom

  • Automatic Video Tracking and with an extremely powerful Image Processor

  • Use of long range 1CCD or 3CCD daylight cameras with a continuous zoom

  • 3-4 Axis Gyro-stabilized gimbals that provide continuous and highly reliable stability for day-to-day and unique mission parameters