The iSky-50HD is widely recognized by a multitude of worldwide customers, with varying applications, as their "HD Payload of Choice" for day and night airborne surveillance applications. This system provides the best value for a high-performance high definition HD system combining multi mission capabilities in a single low weight HD payload. It has superior capabilities and very long acquisition ranges making it ideal for a wide variety of applications and platforms. It can be installed on UAVs, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, aerostats, surveillance vehicles, high masts and more.


14” (354 mm) x 19.7” (500mm) (H))


Sensor: 64 lbs (29 kg)

Payload Electronics Box (PEB): 8.4lbs (3.8 kg)

Control Unit: 3.3 lbs (1.5. kg)


HD-SDI (1080 P) and PAL


High Performance Thermal Imaging Camera using a cooled 3-5u IR detector

   with continuous zoom lens 

High Definition (HD) color day camera with a continuous zoom lens

High Definition (HD) Spotter Day Camera

Local Automatic Gain Control

Video Enhancement

Automatic Video Tracker



Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (ELRF)

Laser Pointer

Control Unit (CU)

Airborne Video Displays

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Mission Computer with Moving Map Software

Searchlight Enslaving


Superior four (4) gimbal Gyro-Stabilized Image

Multi-Spectral Imaging

Advanced Image Processing

Lightweight Compact Design

Airborne Qualified

Integrated with Aircraft Systems