The iSea-20HD is a compact Day/Night observation system especially configured for marine patrol boat applications.  


The iSea-20HD is easily integrated onto a wide variety of maritime vessels due to its flexible configuration, making it suitable for most requirements. Enables a wide range of communication interfaces to the host vehicle including RS-422, (ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 optional). 


The iSea-20HD is operated by a ruggedized Control Unit (CU) with a thumb LOS control stick and all control switches are specially designed for rough environment conditions and for best human comfort. The CU could be attached to a fixed location or using a flexible cable enabling it to be movable.


Length: 9.4” (240 mm) 

Height: 13” (32mm)



23.6 lbs (10.7 kg)


Voltage: 28 VDC

Power Consumption: 70 W (nominal)


HD-SDI (1080 P) and PAL


High Performance Thermal Imaging Camera using a 3-5u IR detector with a

  continuous zoom lens

High Definition (HD) color day camera with a continuous zoom lens

Local Automatic Gain Control

Automatic Video Tracker



Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (ELRF)

Laser Pointer

Control Unit (CU)

Ruggedized Video Displays

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

NMEA0183 Communication Protocol


IP-67 Tested and Compliant

Superior Gyro-stabilized Image

Multi-Spectral Imaging

Advanced Image Processing

Lightweight and Compact Design

Operationally integrated and proven on multiple naval vessels